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About Me

I love stories.  There is nothing in the world more powerful than a well told tale.  They can give us hope, insight, and wisdom.  They can warn us of life's pitfalls, teach us our own history, and contextualize our existence on Earth.

Sharing stories is my passion.  I believe it is the most important and most human thing any of us can do.  We tell these stories through acting, writing, music, art, dance, and a thousand other forms of expression.

Current and Upcoming Work

Though currently officially living and working in New York City, I am weathering the storm of CoViD Quarantine in the midwest.

Check out my new company, 50/50 Arts Production.

And as long as you're looking at my work through 50/50, take a look at the podcast I co-host, Campfire Classics!  A preview video is on this page, or you can listen on my podcast page.


You can see me in The Avenue, with Brian Vernick and Gina Martino, available on Amazon, by clicking here.  Or, catch me in the thriller The Barren Pine, here.

And of course...

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